Thursday, April 12, 2012

Indonesian Artist Dewi Persik Hot Pose

Dewi Perssik No Bra – Want to see the original image of Dewi Perssik No Bra photos are now longer a gossip artist warmest in Indonesia? Just come in here. The existence of Dewi Persik No Bra photos without any clothes on just cover it with her long hair geraian quite make a lot of people were surprised.

Ini adalah foto super seksi si Jupe saat dia bernyanyi. Di beberapa foto bahkan sedikit terlihat payudara dan pantat si Julie Perez.

Do you like Depe or Jupe?

In addition, Goddard Perssik themselves do not deny that the presence of Dewi Perssik No Bra currently circulating on the Internet. Dewi Persik even admitted it like to pose a bit vulgar. “Indeed, I like photos like that, a photo with the position of hair covering my chest. Yes make it fun,” said the woman rocking the owner saw it as giving information when contacted by reporters yesterday.

But the Dewi Perssik not intend to publish these photos. He also apologize if there are parties who offended or disturbed by the photo. Perssik Dewi comes to No Bra photos, he was also leaking where an image No Branya. Dewi Persik revealed that the photo was taken while he was filming a video clip in the office of Ahmad Dhani.

“Well you know, if in the makeup room, dressing room. Like in a baseball-baseball No Bra. Goddard do not feel there is a problem with the photograph, that photograph my age still Managed by Siska,” said Depe. “That’s when my photo is doing making a video clip in the Office of RCM. Indeed Dewi Persik No Bra photos that belonged to a private,” Dewi honest.

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